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2011 year,Partly renovated house in village Pisanec

We present to your attention our next renovation in village of Pisanec.
We made a partly renovation on this lovely house.It is consists of the following things:
-replacement of all windows;
-new floors with laminate;
-building of new bartroom;
Finishing renovation activity in village Cherven - 2011 year

The first stage consists of the building of new wiring and plumbing and throwing the rubbish.
The second stage consists of demolish of the walls,concrete floors and doing the bathroom.

After a few days,when we finish with these stages,we will bе...
Partly renovation of traditional country house in village Pirgovo - 2011 year

We had to unite two rooms into one at the request of the new owners, so we started with the replacement of new wiring and water pipes. Also on the main floor we put a brand new concrete.
The first floor of the house has a corridor, kitchen, small di...
Renovation in village of Svalenik,2011 year

Renovation-step by step in village of Svalenik.
We began with the first stage of the renovation,which consists of repairing the roof and throwing the rubbish.
After that,we continued with the replacement of all windows and doors,also and with the b...
2011 year,Renovation in village of Tcar Asen

We present to your attention our next renovation in village of Tcar Asen.
This property is bought from one English family for permanently living and they gave to us the opportunity to transform their house into a lovely second home.

We began with...
2011 year,property renovation in village of Krivnq.

We present you our another property renovation,which we started this year by request of the customer,who bought this property from us.

The renovation consists of three stages,as the first two stages are almost ready.

The first stage consists of...
2011 year,Property renovation in village of Коstandenec

We offer to your attention our another property renovation.
One young English family with four children bought from us last year this attractive property and gave us the mission-to transform this house into their second home,which they will use as h...
2011 year,Property renovation in village of Svalenik

In 2010 year,one English family bought from us this property in village of Svalenik for less than 10 000 Euro.Then,we took the task to transform this property into their lovely holiday home,where they will feel this house,as their second home.
We be...
2010 year.Property renovation on Holiday home in village Ostrica

This two-storey rural house,we managed to transform into a great holiday home only for 40 days of one English family.
We began with the renovation and the replacement of the electricity installation and the plumbing.After that we mounted the new win...
2010 year. Property renovation on huge holiday house in Beltsov village

In the beginning of 2010 year were given the task to renovate a holiday home by one English family with seven children.
The desire of the owners is to start with renovation of the roof and replacement of the windows.
The renovation work of the roof...
Renovation on the barn from beginig to the end.

We did a basic renovation of one farm building in village Karan varbovka.
We start built the building only with one drawing from the clients and two walls. The new room for horses consist of four pens for them and one big room for fitness.
The buil...
Finishing work on the garden and house in village of Cherven

Here,we did just a ending works as painting the doors,building a drainage around the swimming pool,repairing the roof,and painting the facade of summer kitchen.
We expect to finish with the renovation until 15 of September 2009 year....
British Holiday home in village Ostrica

We present you one property,which assumed improbable look after one qualitative renovation.
This house was in condition of crude building,with difference,that wasn't massive.The house hadn't a concrete slabs.
We repaired the estate after that,an ar...
British Holiday home in village Koprivets

A brick two-storied house with summer kitchen needed of big renovation.We begun with roof,and after that we repaired the electrical installation of the property.
On the second floor,we built a sanitary room and three more bedrooms.
We covered with ...
British Holiday home in village Cherven

We transformed a little old house in village Cherven into a lovely home for holiday of English family-pensioners.
On the first terrace had а farm buildings,which we demolished and
А little room,which was built once more and we put th...
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Roof repairs

When we repair the roof, we cover it piece by piece or the whole of it depending on whether the atmosphere conditions permit that to be done. The under-roof space is being cleaned up and then we begin the dismantlement of the broken and damaged wooden roof elements. Afterwards, the steel sheets around the chimneys are being replaced. The fixing of the front boards and the gutter pipes follow. Only when is the roof covered with water-resistant OSB and an upper layer of black paper, then it may be covered with tiles. The water-proof wooden construction of the new roof is ready and prepared for the arrangement of the whole tiles /the new ones/. The next stage is fixing of the trap-doors and their plastering, as well as chimney plastering. The newly-repaired roof is being edged with wooden edging in the underneath and is being varnished in a colour of client’s choice. This process takes 10-15 days / if weather permitting.

Replacement of water-supply and sewerage system

We start with dismantlement of the old installation and excavating of new channels for laying of the sewerage pipes. After that we put the new water-supply system made of PP pipes, bearing in mind the number of siphons and the location of the sanitary ceramics in the bathroom. After the system is made, it is filled with water and checked for possible leakage at the joints. The water-supply pipes are connected to the main and submitted to the client. The fitting of the sanitary ceramics and the mixing taps, as well as the bathroom or toilet accessories are not included in the price of the replacement of the water-supply and sewerage system. This is an issue of additional negotiations. We need about 2-4 days depending on the type of the old installation /metal pipes or stoneware/.

Electrical installation repairs

The installation is being checked out for eventual electrical leakages. Afterwards, the supply is cut and the old sockets and switches, as well as the old electric distribution boxes and fuses are replaced. It is decided with the client where to fix the new sockets, switches, the switchboard, the distribution circuits as well as whether and how many defect-protections will there be before wiring start. The selection and the types of the wirings used are controlled by the main technician - chief of the repairs. Wiring may be done in a couple of ways – dug into the wall, laid into PVC joints and freely hanging behind the plasterboard wall. This is compulsorily concerted with the client. Different types of electrical distribution boards and fuse boards are being fixed, depending on the concluding stage. After finishing the wiring, it is being checked together with the client or with an authorized by him person. The fitting of the lighting fixtures, the switches and the sockets are not included in the price of the wiring or its repairs. This type of activity is additionally negotiated with the client. That part of the repairs takes 10-15 days.

Replacement of the old window frames with new ones

The measures of the windows are taken for those of them which the client wants to replace. Price list for the different shapes of frames is made. If it is approved by the client, a deposit to the amount of min. 30 % of the offered price is required and within 7-10 days the new windows or doors are fixed. Once the work is done, the client pays the remaining part of the price. PVC frames have 5 year guarantee.

Outside thermal insulation

The putting of thermal insulation is very expensive home improvement which starts paying off on the very first day of its use. That’s why it should be done of high quality and using quality materials. The final layer can be put in two ways – after plastering to paint or to put silicone/mineral/ plaster with different colour. It should be kept in mind the outside temperature because it influences directly the materials which are used. There is the risk of freezing or cracking of the top working layer at very low or high temperatures. The quality putting of the final layer with glue or plastering mixture guarantees the client an excellent complete finish of the thermal insulation. Depending on the quantity of thermal insulation comes the term of its execution. If the area is about 100 – 140 sq.m., the time for putting the insulation at 20-25 ºC is 15-25 days.


The putting of plasterboard at home is a quick and easy decision to decorate and straighten the outside walls and ceilings of home. A lot of and various types of decorations on the walls and ceilings can be made from it. The plasterboard is available in three kinds – for dry places, for damp places and fire-resistance places. Of course, the prices are different depending on board thickness. The laying of plasterboard has a few stages – construction, laying of wadding /if the client wishes/ and fine plastering of the surface with its preparation for the paint. Painting is not included in the price. The term of finishing a bedroom is 5-10 days.

Laying of flooring and walling

Decoration of the floors and sanitary rooms /toilet and bathroom/, as well as the joint parts of the house/flat and corridors and terraces are made entirely according to the client. The price can be cheap but it can be also expensive depending on the price of terracotta tiles or laminated flooring. The fitting is a very easy and quick process. The fitting of laminated flooring of a bedroom is done for a day. The terracotta and faience tiling in a normally big bathroom takes about 5 days. The accessory materials which are necessary for the laying of surfaces are chosen by the technician in charge of repairs.

Yard decoration

The yard decoration is the sole idea and decision of the client. If they wish, we can cooperate by only certain types of activities that are negotiated in advance.

Garbage dumping

The cleaning of the remaining materials, as well as the garbage found in the property is an important part of the repair works and more precisely a part from the final stage of repairs. It is often an activity very hard to be carried out because the dumps in the countryside are closed or there is no machinery for doing that. The organization of yard and property cleaning is a key element of submitting the repaired property for to the client.